Oscar Picks 2016

First, it’s been a really long time (like, exactly one year) from my last post. Sssssorry about that. There’s plenty I could have written about, but didn’t. So I hope to post more this year. However, there are more pressing matters at hand, like which Hollywood-types will receive an award from other Hollywood-types, which important social issues you should care about most, and of course, who wore it best!

Yes, it’s once again time for the Oscars. Below are my picks for who “will” win (vs. who “should” win). Notable standouts for who I think is more deserving instead of who I am actually predicting as a winner are “The Big Short” for Best Picture and George Miller for “Mad Max”.

I really loved both of these movies and Miller’s story recreating the action-drama after all these years is really something. However, I have the film winning a lot of technical awards (and you should read about the making of the movie itself, it’s pretty remarkable). And “Big Short” is able to tell such a complicated story in and easy, funny and jawdroppingly stunning manner (essentially no Wall Streeter has gone to jail over the financial crisis!) and was much better than the grunting, although grand “Revenant”.

So, without further ado, the envelope(s) please:



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