Oscar Picks 2014

This Sunday is the 2014 Academy Awards. I actually saw a lot of the films this year including all the best picture nominees. It’s been tough to do since the academy decided to allow up to ten nominations in the Best Picture category. But you do get to see a wide range of films and you feel a little better making Oscar picks.

Below are my full slate of Oscar picks. This year seemed more difficult than most because, well, it hasn’t really been a stand out year in movies. I doubt we’ll talk about whichever film wins best picture this time next year.

A few caveats to my picks:

1) These are who I think will win, not necessarily who should win.

2) Gravity was a horrible movie and I sorta can’t even bring myself to pick all the technical awards that I did pick for it to win. However, technically, cinematographically and visually speaking, the film was beautiful. If they would have just muted Sandra Bullock’s annoying complaining voice the whole film it could swept the awards, but I, I just couldn’t . . . no.

3) Can Leonardo DiCaprio just win an Oscar, please!?! I’m not saying The Wolf of Wall Street is even his best work – remember, you never win for the film you actually win for, you win for your body of work – and in that vein, come on! He was actually pretty good and I think if the academy didn’t hate him for some reason, he would be on the top of everyone’s list. And if we’re saying because he’s pretty and he played on that in his earlier roles, why are we even thinking of giving it to Matthew McConaughey? He only recently started doing anything serious and there have been way too many Ghosts of Girlfriends Past films to outweigh his recent foray into serious acting. (Yes, that is a real movie and it’s only from 2009!) Although I do think he will win, I’m really pulling for Leo!

4) Jennifer Lawrence is such a good actor! If you haven’t seen American Hustle yet, see it just for her performance (Christian Bale is superb, too). The scene where she has her gloves on and is cleaning her house singing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is just superb. That kid’s goin’ places!

5) How do some of these films even get nominated? I’m not talking necessarily about the major award categories, but I saw all the animated shorts and a good three of the five were bad. Not like, I just didn’t get it and it’s more of an inside Hollywood thing, just bad! And the viewing of these shorts I saw included a few honorable mentions. Those three were easily better than three of the nominated ones. What should have won, but wasn’t even nominated, was The Blue Umbrella.



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