Shenandoah National Park

As I’ve said before, autumn is the best season, not least of which is because of the fall foliage. Within two hours drive of Washington, DC, is Shenandoah National Park, set in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and a great place to see the area’s fall foliage.

So I rented a car and took a day trip out through the park’s famous north-south road, Skyline Drive. The day I went was particularly cold, so I didn’t get to have my lunch picnic or do any hiking as I had wanted to, but the drive was beautiful and the foliage was still nice. Certainly, not at peak, especially at the higher elevations, but my 42 mile drive from the park’s northern entrance to the highest point on Skyline Drive, Skyland, was well worth it.

I lent Michael my camera and in return, I borrowed his Leica M8.2. The camera had some significant drawback compared to more current cameras. For me, it’s biggest shortcoming is the LCD screen on the back of the camera. It was so low resolution that it was basically useless in terms of being able to display the image you had just captured and I used it more for deciding if the image was composed properly. Additionally, the images all required a small amount of work in Lightroom to get right – not that any camera is going to take perfect pictures without some work – but I tend to find my Sony NEX-7 images either look pretty great in RAW or requires a decent amount of work on each image. With this camera, all the images required a small amount of work. Not really a complaint, just something I noticed.

A few pictures from the trip are below with a good sampling on Flickr. The entire set is on Shutterfly.

Skyline Drive
Skyline Drive

Shenandoah foliage

Shenandoah foliage

Shenandoah foliage

Shenandoah foliage

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