The last Sunday in October is usually the Marine Corps Marathon, DC’s marathon. While I’ll never be able to run a marathon, I did set a personal goal of running 10 kilometers this year, and what better time and place to run it than the MCM10K which takes place the same day as the Marine Corps Marathon. In March I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 8K but mostly fell out of the rhythm of running since then. Realizing the impending nature of my 10K commitment, over the last month I began working my way up to 10K. I could easily run 5K (that’s my “base”) and knew that I had already run 8K, but getting to 10K was a big accomplishment for me. I successfully trained to be able to run the distance, it’s 6.2 miles, on the treadmill every other day for the past two weeks! Of course, running on the treadmill and running on the streets of Washington, D.C., are different stories, so I didn’t take anything for granted.

Fast forward to today, race day, and I was fortunate enough to have the support of my friend Michael who woke up very early to meet me at the starting line to cheer me on and document the race in photographs. The race was fun and there was a great atmosphere around the whole event. I met my goal and feel very proud of what I accomplished.

The Garmin GPS data from my run is available here and below are a few of Michael’s photos.

Pre-race photo

Just before the start of the race

And they’re off…

There were even a few people who showed up in costume


After the race, with my medal


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